About CBDG

Corner Brook Disc Golf is a not-for-profit corporation based in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador. It was formed in 2022 and aims to develop, promote, and support the sport of disc golf in the Greater Corner Brook area.

Our main organizational goals are to build, maintain, and improve disc golf courses, host disc golf events, and grow disc golf through community outreach. We fund these goals through fundraising efforts, including donations, membership fees, merchandise, and government grants.

The corporation is managed by a volunteer board of directors.


CBDG Bylaws

CBDG Bylaws (Summary)

Meeting Minutes

AGM November 14, 2023

Board Meeting October 2, 2023

Board Meeting July 4, 2023

AGM April 26, 2023

Board of Directors


Johnston Miller


David Jenniex


Sean Dwyer


John Milley

Members at Large

Peggy Colbourne

Dennise Colbourne

Nick Hussey